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Our consultants provide groundbreaking people science to assist with every part of trial preparation.  We specialize in client selection, focus groups, witness preparation, jury selection, voir dire questions, argument preparation and case strategy.  


Client Selection

The foundation of a good case, is a good client. You want to make sure the people you represent have the determination to stay the course, the credibility and personality to make the jury like them and the right disposition to work with.  Never accept a client until you know their Identiology.  If you would like to schedule a short 30 minute consultation in your office or by Zoom Video Conf. we can profile someone in your office to show you how it works.  Call 801-231-0107

Focus Groups

This is where Identiology will blow you away.  Either you can put together focus groups or we can do it for you - to prepare you and your client for trial. We will help you learn to read the participants (sample jurors) and learn how to create arguments that will sway the specific leaders in the group. We can help you be more prepared for trial than you have ever been before. 

Witness Preparation

An ill prepared, difficult or unlikable witness can make or break a case. Because we find the Identiology profile for each witness, we will know exactly how to prepare them to do their job right. Even if they are a hostile witness they can be motivated to give the information you need them to give, if you understand what drives their behavior. Our consultants have 30 + years coaching people to behave their best.

Jury Selection/ Voir Dire Questions

This is our specialty!  Identiology Trial Science tells you more about each person than you ever thought possible before. We know what drives their thinking and their behavior. We know what they care about and value, how they think and what fears motivate their opinions. This science is the only of it's kind on the planet and it gives you an almost unfair advantage. We can also give you the best Voir Dire questions you have ever had - and the other side will have no clue what you are looking for.  Because they don't understand the science, they often give us the very jurors we want.

Argument Prep and Case Strategy

Once a jury is selected you must quickly craft arguments that those specific people will respond to. This can be done ahead of time or on the spot with Identiology.  Surprises won't throw you, because you have a people whisperer on your side. The truth is people are easy to influence when you understand what drives their thinking - it's easy to craft arguments they will accept and even champion. Part of the magic is knowing which jurors will be the most opinionated and push all the others. All the best psychologists in the world, can't beat the unique knowledge Identiology gives you. 

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