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Identiology is  groundbreaking people science, with no competitors because there is nothing like it.


We have developed a system that lets us profile people and their behavior. This system will blow you away.  We can show you how it works, by profiling you and/or the people in your office.


If you are impressed by how much we know about you , you might invite us to a focus group and let us predict what the jurors will do.  Then, stand back and watch it play out exactly the way we predicted... it happens every time.

Identiology is about understanding each persons constitutional, psychological inclinations and the real drivers of their behavior - which means we can quickly know what their behavior will be. Imagine having that kind of advantage in the courtroom.  This works so well - it's almost not fair.

We have done research on human behavior that show all people function in one of two states all the time - a balanced state or an unbalanced fear state.  Because we understand the signs, we can figure out their profile and what state they are in, which tells us exactly how they will lean in court. We can also create arguments to win them over to your side. 

The only way to know if this works... is to experience it.

We will come to your office for a 30 minute consult (or by zoom remote) and profile you and your staff (or anyone in your office).  Get ready to be blown away!

Schedule a free consultation by calling 801-231-0107 today
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