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We are new as far as using this science in the courtroom setting - but the science and it's magic are not new. We have 30 combined years using this science in personal development, corporate training, solving people problems and doing profiles.  We always knew that Identiology would be magic in selecting juries and we just needed a chance to try.  The first attorneys we worked with were blown away. They tell us they don't want to ever select a jury without it - the advantage is huge.  The profiles are so accurate and they consulting on preparing arguments to win those jurors is priceless.  More sample projects are coming, as we are just getting started...

Personal Injury Case against Dennys

Attorney Ralph Petty used us for focus groups, jury selection, and argument prep for this very difficult case. He admits this wasn't a great case to begin with and he didn't have high hopes for winning much, because the client wasn't likable or credible (he wouldn't have taken this client if he'd known his Identiology Profile before hand).  But he says he's never felt more confident in his life during Jury Selection.  He was blown away at the work we did preparing a couple tough witnesses too.  In the end he did win, though not a lot.  

"This is truly the holy grail for litigation. I won't take on another client or prepare another case without Behavioral Trial Science involved. Once you experience the magic, you can't go without it. No one else on the planet has this kind of insights into a jury. It's a total game changer."  - Ralph Petty

Person Injury against 3 hospitals and 2 Doctors

Can't tell you too much about this one yet, but we were able to consult on and profile the opposing attorneys and this (along with intimidating the other side with the thought of coming up against us) we were able to settle the case out of court. 

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