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Jury Selection

Identiology is  groundbreaking people science, with no competitors because there is nothing like it.


We have developed a system that lets us know things about people and their behavior - that will blow you away. 

Identiology is about understanding each persons constitutional psychological inclinations - which means we can quickly know what their thinking and behavior will be. Imagine having that kind of advantage in the courtroom.  This works so well - it's almost not fair.

We put together custom Questionnaires for the panel to fill out - that can tell us exactly what we need to know about each Juror. These are questions that appear to be about bias, but are actually part of the Identiology Science.  The other side can never figure out what we are after so they don't know how to thwart us. 


We also consult on your Voir Dire questions so you know exactly what to ask to prove bias and give us the information we need to profile each juror.   Lawyers tell us they have never felt this confident about a jury in their lives.  

Identiology for Jury Selection is almost unfair to the other side. They have no idea how we know what we know.

Get ready to be blown away!

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