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Focus Groups

Identiology is  groundbreaking people science, with no competitors because there is nothing like it.


We have developed a system that lets us know things about people and their behavior - that will blow you away. 

Identiology is about understanding each persons constitutional psychological inclinations - which means we can quickly know what their thinking and behavior will be.   We can demonstrate this best in a focus group.  You can put one together or we can do it for you - and you will get the chance to see our profiling at work.  Once the profiles are completed - we will write down our predictions for how each sample juror will behave in the deliberation room. 

Their deliberations with be video taped and you can then watch our predictions unfold. It happens every time. You will be amazed when you see first hand how accurate Identiology is. 

Identiology for Jury Selection is almost unfair to the other side. 

Get ready to be blown away!

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