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Trial Rescue

We are the only company on the planet with this service - and you will be amazed at what can be done​ to salvage a trial, even when you think it's too late. 

People are always the wildcard in a trial and issues with difficult people can ruin an otherwise great case. If you have trouble and have no one to call - call us!


Attorneys have called us in the middle of a trial when:

  • They can tell the jury isn't buying their story,

  • When a client is off the rails and hurting their own case,

  • When traditional witness prep is not going to cut it because this witness is a mess.  

  • When a client keeps getting into trouble and needs to kept safe away from town.

  • When you realize you aren't ready for Jury Selection or have a rough Jury

Our 911 number is #801-231-0107

Trial Rescue


Things not going your

way - we can help!

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