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Our Identiology consultants provide a new groundbreaking behavioral science to assist with every part of trial preparation.  We specialize in client selection, focus groups, witness preparation, jury selection, voir dire questions, argument preparation and case strategy.  


We have 30+ years experience as human behavior experts and as personal injury, litigation experts. Our revolutionary techniques give you an almost unfair advantage as your will know how each person thinks and sees the world, what they value and how they are likely to behave. You will understand what drives their behavior and how to craft arguments they will positively or negatively respond to.  

We have a time-tested system for understanding human behavior, that is unlike anything you have seen before. There is nothing else like this in the world. 

Kimberly Giles (McCullough)
Founder and Principle

Kimberly has 15 years as a Human Behavior expert and even Good Morning America named her one of the top 20 advice gurus in the country. She appears regularly on national and local TV and radio, and her insights on people and what they think and do is amazing. She has been a master executive coach and currently trains and certifies therapist, social workers and coaches to use her programs.

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