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Breakthrough Behavioral Trial Science


"This is truly the holy grail. No one else has this kind of insight into Jury Selection - There is nothing that even compares!  If you want to win a case - you want BTS on your side."

- Ralph Petty, ESQ. 



We have a groundbreaking science to help attorneys choose the right clients and Jury, prepare witnesses, form arguments based on who is in the jury, and focus groups.  We are the only people in the world using Identiology because we invented it.



Our revolutionary people science - Identiology - is like nothing else on the planet. We understand people, what they value, what drives their behavior and how they think.  We can predict human behavior better than any other system out there. 



This is where BTS can give you a distinct advantage over the other side. We can profile people and tell you how they will behave and think using science you have never seen before.



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